The Garfin System is a platform which enables insurance brokers, forwarders, companies and individuals to obtain marine, in-transit and logistics insurance via an online system.

The Garfin System has been developed and is administered by Garfin Systems (Pty) Ltd. Garfin Systems is not the provider of the insurance cover. The provider of the insurance cover is the underwriter.


Garfin Systems (Pty) Ltd.

Reg. No 2016/372078/07

Block A, St Andrews Office Park, 39 Wordsworth Avenue, St Andrews, Bedfordview 2007, South Africa

+27 83 261 3627  arnold@garfin.co.za   www.garfin.co.za

any queries relating to the system may be directed to:

Mobile +27 83 261 3627 email info@garfin.co.za, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00.

Any queries intended for the underwriter, contact details may be obtained by clicking the “support” button either in the sign on screen or on any subsequent screen of the system. Full details of the underwriter, the broker etc. can be found in the disclosure documents which are attached to the quotation and the policy.

Should any query be received by Garfin Systems (Pty) Ltd., which is intended for the underwriter, this will be forwarded on to the correct person at the underwriting company


Cookies is a widely used method of storing limited amount of information in the hard drive of the user, to avoid having to rekey information which is repetitive. In the case of Garfin, for example, cookies are used to store information such as port of departure, mode of transport et cetera, so the that if the user needs to issue a multiple number of policies with some repetitive information, then some of the information will be pre-populated. Should a user feel uncomfortable in the use of cookies, it is perfectly in order to disable cookies in the browser and the system will continue to function correctly. However, some information, which is repetitive may have to be re-keyed.


When all the fields are completed an email with the quotation and a payment request is sent to the client. The quotation is attached to the email. When the payment is made either by credit card EFT or instant EFT, an email is sent with the actual policy document attached.


Garfin guarantees that all information keyed into its system is used purely and exclusively for the purposes of issuing an insurance quotation and issuing a policy. Garfin has entered into contracts with various underwriters who have in turn guaranteed that the information obtained from insureds and prospective insureds is used purely and exclusively for the purpose for which it is intended.


By its very nature, insurance is a non-refundable service. Unlike e-commerce, the goods cannot be returned. The policy cover commences only after payment takes place. Once payment is made, whether by credit card, EFT or instant EFT, cover commences, and the transaction is irreversible.


The policy conditions and therefore the conditions of insurance cover, very extensively from policy to policy. Factors affecting the conditions are the type of goods that are being transported, the mode of transport, the type of packaging, the country of origin and destination, et cetera. Full detailed conditions are attached to each quotation and each policy certificate.


For the time being, the Garfin system is only available where the insured party is domiciled in the Republic of South Africa. The journey of the goods that are being insured need not be in South Africa. The origin and the destination may both be outside South Africa (cross voyage), either origin or destination in South Africa (imports or and exports) or both origin and destination within South Africa (domestic).


The value of the goods for insurance purposes may be in any major international currency or South African Rand. If it is in a foreign currency the system will automatically convert the value to Rand using a default exchange rate (published exchange rate as at close of business the day before). However, the user is able to override the exchange rate (for example if forward cover was purchased). The freight amount which is entered can also be in foreign currency and need not be the same currency as the value of the goods. The premium however will in all instances be South African Rand.


A user of the Garfin system may do so purely for the purposes of obtaining an insurance quotation, arranging for premium payment and issuing a policy that entrance gives insurance cover. Usage for any other purpose, such as for example to use the system for the purpose of redeveloping another system, would be a violation of these terms and conditions.


The Garfin system is the sole property and copyright of

Garfin Systems (Pty) Ltd., Reg. No 2016/372078/07

Block A, St Andrews Office Park, 39 Wordsworth Avenue, St Andrews, Bedfordview 2007, South Africa

+27 83 261 3627  arnold@garfin.co.za   www.garfin.co.za


There are no costs to the user, whatsoever, for the usage of the Garfin system. Garfin Systems (Pty) Ltd obtains its revenue directly from the underwriters. The premium paid by the insured goes directly to the underwriters. A licensed broker, with a FSP number issued by the FSCA (Financial Sector Contact Authority) has to be involved in every transaction. The underwriter will pay the broker a commission as per the intermediary agreement which the underwriter may have with the broker.


There are three methods:

  1. By means of credit or debit card. Payment may be made via Visa or MasterCard. Card transactions will be acquired for the underwriter by PayGate (Pty) Ltd who are the approved payment gateway for all South African acquiring banks. DPO PayGate uses the strictest form of encryption, namely Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL 3) and no card details are stored in the system or on the website. Users may go to www.paygate.co.za to view their security certificate and security policy. When the payment request screen from PayGate is displayed, the user will need to approve PayGate terms and conditions. The instant that PayGate sends a message to Garfin that the card payment is approved, the policy will be issued.
  2. By means of instant EFT. The instant EFT is a method similar to the card payment except that it is done directly from a bank account. When Garfin receives the message that the instant EFT has been successful, then the policy will be issued in the same way as it is done when a credit card payment is successful.
  3. By means of a manual EFT. The payment request is sent by email together with the quotation, the same as the other methods. However, the client makes the EFT payment in the normal manual way and through the system indicates to the underwriter that payment has been made. The underwriter will manually check in its bank account, and once the payment is found, that quotation will be flagged as paid and the policy will be released to the insured.


The system provides for forwarders, transporters, couriers et cetera, to register themselves with the Garfin system and to offer insurance, even if they don’t have an FSP number issued by the FSCA. However, in such instance the forwarder, transporter or courier has to choose to attach itself to an existing broker that is registered with that specific underwriter.


The system relies extensively on email communication with the underwriter, with the broker, with the insured, et cetera. Failure of an email to reach it appropriate destination shall not be deemed to be a malfunction the part of Garfin.


The system and the website are controlled and operated from South Africa and thus South African law governs its use.